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South Korea Designer Pul Sheen Creates Fashion Brand "Error NYC"

As seen on: DLarezMag

Feature Brand Of The Month: ERROR NYC

“My way is just different from others, it is not wrong”

Repeated to himself Pul Sheen, founder and designer of ERRORNYC, when he needed to overcome the influence from negative comments as he dreamt about creating the brand that is a reality today.

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Under the slogan “We are making culture,” ERROR NYC was created in October 2018 by designer PUL Sheen as a way to bridge communities and challenge the status quo through a fashion brand.

J: Who are those communities and which one the statues quo you want to break through?

"Based on our collaboration with various brands so far, we have tried to show the exclusive ERROR NYC’s own style, a more military-based techwear"

J: What inspired you to design a military-based techwear?

When asked about his past, and how he got here; Pul said:

"I ran away from home at the age of 16 and started working in the fashion industry at a fabric warehouse in Dongdaemun, a fashion district in South Korea; now I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York- and I currently run a streetwear brand that attracts a lot of attention in the city."

What did you discover when you left home and started working towards the creation of your brand?

What is New York City for you? How was the process of adaptation to the city?

What cultural aspects surprised you?

How many years have you been in New York for now?

Overpassing obstacles didn't end up once leaving home as more challenges were awaiting for Pul.

"When I tell people about my dream, they would discourage and look down on me saying “how do you call yourself a designer when all you do is cutting fabric swatches?” Or “how do you start a brand with no money?

In 2016, I launched my dream brand in Korea, but the brand collapsed. At that time, I questioned my values, and was devastated. But, at that time, I stumbled across an article about Shaun Ross and I gained back my courage. It was as if he were telling me, «We are just different from others, we are not wrong.» In the end, I overcame the pain and been running only looking ahead.
At that time, I also thought that if I had a brand and become influential person, I want to give people the message and courage, saying, «We are only different from others, not wrong» with my actions and presence, and for that reason, when I launched ERROR NYC in New York in 2018, I launched it under the theme of “ERROR NYC: Ain’t no mistake”.
If someone’s appearance or way is different, people think it is wrong. We should be free from this prejudice. We are just different not a mistake. it all depends on how we embrace our differences" closed up Pul Sheen, founder of ERROR NYC.

"Our next season collection, «Whos Peeking in my window,» is a rebranding version of ERROR NYC."

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