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Danielle Moinet in conversation

Updated: Apr 20


By Julieta Miquelarena

27/05/2021 for DLAREZ MAG.

Updated on April 2022.

North Carolina-born, Danielle Moinet, is unstoppable!
We are in awe of this multifaceted woman.

Get inspired with us!

Where are you from?

Raleigh, NC, USA.

Where do you live?

NYC & Miami, USA.

What do you do for work?

Everything: I'm an entrepreneur, I have 2 start-ups coming, I'm a model, actress and a stuntwoman, an air host for Horse Racing, I do brand management for a cryptocurrency management company, and I used to wrestle for WWE.

When did your career in wrestling started?

Signed with WWE in 2011, been out for 4 years.

What do you do for fun?

Fitness, helping my friends with their businesses, learning new things (especially during the pandemic).

Motto you live by?

“No one is going to live your life for you”

What is your biggest motivation?

Believing that I've never reached my full potential. I always feel deep down inside of me that I have more to give so I'm constantly striving for that. Never satisfied.

What is to live a "healthy life" for you?

For me, a healthy life is balance. Being active is first and foremost. Moving my body everyday. Training, weight lifting, cardio. It is my escape, my therapy, makes me feel great and helps me clear my head when I'm stressed. Then finding a balance between working and having time for me. Me-time with my family and friends. Me-time being alone and relaxing, this is particularly hard for me but I'm working on it.

What does your diet consist on?

My eating is very straight forward. I try to get protein, fats, and carbs in in every meal. I eat three meals a day with two snacks and a protein shake. This is when I'm the leanest! I try to eat whole foods, unprocessed; good carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice. I love avocado and nuts for my fats!

How are your workout sessions?

I'm lifting weights three to four days a week. Two lower body days, one upper body, one full body with cardio days. I love to find fun ways to do cardio like spin or boxing! I also lift heavy one day a week.

Squating, deadlifting, hip thrusts. I did not see my legs get leaner and more trim until I started to incorporate a significant amount of weight on to the bar. Everyone is different but I also think a lot of women are scared to get ‘bulky’ and lift way too light for what they should be doing.

Don't be scared!

Which fitness tips would you give us when wishing to start working out?

Find cardio that you think it fun! Set small goals, not big ones. I'll go on a 20min, walk four times this week’ then next week change it to, ‘I'll go on a 30min walk five times this week’ etc, etc. Don't get overwhelmed with the ‘where should I start’ and break it down into little goals and build! Start anywhere, just start!

How is fitness related to beauty?

If you are taking care of yourself health and fitness wise, you will see it on your skin. Eating whole non processed foods, drinking your water, working out... you can tell in your hair growth, nails, and skin.

It's all connected. You should want to give yourself that gift of nourishment!

How do you take care of your skin

No make up when possible. I hate wearing make up and love letting my skin breathe. I try to drink a ton of water a day. I use Hyaluronic Acid in the morning and night along with a vitaminC serum during the day and lather my face in oil at night! I love all my oils and serums!

You have over 1.7 million followers, do you feel a responsibility when sharing content?

Absolutely! I don't want to be an account that only posts selfies and my outfits. There is nothing wrong with that but I feel like I have a lot of things that speak to me and stay on my heart. I like to use my platform to share that: To educate and spread awareness on many different topics and to give positivity. We need a little more of that in the world!

Tell us about your Instagram account growth.

My Instagram following is from my time at WWE and being on tv. My fans and followers are so amazing and have stuck with me during my time after wrestling. I really appreciate that. I truly have the best fans in the world!

Speaking fashion: How would you describe your fashion style?

I would say I have a very west coast style about me. I love an extra large T- shirt with biker shorts and my Jordans. I’m a sneaker head. I spend way too much on sneakers than Louboutin’s. I love baggy pants with a crop top. You'll never catch me wearing less than 3 gold necklaces (laughs) I love to layer!

You could find me in workout clothes running errands after the gym. [Those are] my "two looks."

I love playing dress up in Miami because it is a different vibe down there for sure.

What type of bag do you carry around and what do you usually have on it?

I hate them and I'm [kind] of a tomboy in that case. IF I'm carrying a purse, which is kinda rare, [I would carry] my secret lip weapon - Vaseline, 'this' Covergirl pressed powder that I've been buying since 2002, hand sanitiser, an extra mask, and my iPhone charger. I'm a simple gal!

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