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New York 10/29/2020

In conversation 
with Paris Berelc

by Julieta Miquelarena

Rising star Paris Berelc, at 21 years old, has all of our attention after her latest movie, "Hubbie Halloween," debuted on Netflix this month.


You moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Los Angeles, California with your entire family to pursue your dream of acting, how do you remember this process and the lifestyle change so suddenly? What a trigger to have the support of your family from the start!

I remember being shocked when I found out I booked a Disney show. I feel like it's everyone's dream to be on Disney Channel when they're a kid. Wisconsin and Los Angeles are completely different. My first year there was definitely challenging to adjust to. I'm grateful I get to live my dream, though.


Ford Models scouted you when you were 9, and you have done publicity campaigns for famous brands since then. How was the beginning as a kid in the modeling world, and when did you feel you wanted to become an actress?

Modeling was really fun for me. I'm still friends with people I modeled with years ago. As I got older, I started getting bored just posing in front of the camera, and then I became interested in acting. Angelina Jolie is an icon to me, and the fact she does her own stunts made me want to do the same thing.


Your debut as an actress was finally in Mighty Med, a Disney XD series where you interpreted Skylar Storm.

What a big step starting with Disney, with whom you continued working on projects later! How was it?

Being on Disney taught me so much about business. I was just a little girl from Wisconsin with great co-stars to show me the ropes.


And here we are some years after 2020. Hubie Halloween comes out in a crazy year when all we need is big laughs! You filmed with such a fantastic cast, starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Raymond Liotta, Rob Scheineider, June Squibb, Steve Buscemi, Maya Rudolph, Shaquille O'Neal, Kenan Thompson, and the list continues… 

I grew up watching Adam Sandler movies, so when I got the offer to be a part of one, I was over the moon excited. Sandler is an incredible human being. He's hardworking and, most importantly, kind to everyone. I had a lot of fun on the Hubie set.


What are your steps to prepare your characters and scenes? Do you work them alone?

I work on them alone. I will ask someone to read with me so I can practice saying the lines out loud. A part of my process is finding moments that aren't scripted. I love adding little things to show the personality of the character I create.


Most of your projects are comedy, which naturally comes to you.

What kind of genre would you like to explore in the future?

I want to get more into action and drama. I love doing my own stunts, so one day, I want to be a villain from a comic book or a badass assassin.


How do you handle fame?

I don't like to say that I'm famous or a celebrity. I think people get caught up in that lifestyle because they don't have anybody to ground them. I'm thankful to have people in my life who don't always say yes, and they call me out on my shit.


What comes to mind when we mention the word 'love'?

I'm a hopeless romantic. I love, love. I love being in love. I think people forget how sacred that word is.





A place: Malibu, CA

A sound: Baby laughing

A plant or flower: White rose

Book: Less Than Zero

A song: Holy by Justin Bieber

What makes you laugh: My boyfriend 

A movie: Southpaw

A character you would like to play: Black Cat 

American thing that you love: American whiskey  

Fashion trend you like: High-knee boots 

Favorite item of clothing: My YSL bag 

Someone you would like to meet and why: Angelina Jolie, she's my icon

Something you would change about the world… Ending human trafficking

Cause you feel identified on a social level: Anti-human trafficking

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