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Elah's Story
by Julieta Miquelarena

From Dominican "Massive" Dreams to International Massive Runways


Elah has always drawn strength and happiness from her roots in the Dominican Republic. "The Dominican Republic is where my roots are, my home, where I recharge my batteries, where I feel relaxed and happy," she says, her voice filled with pride.


Since childhood, Elah has been told she could be a model. However, she viewed this as a "too massive" dream due to her family's priorities and the challenges they faced. That perspective began to shift after an unexpected incident when her mother accidentally damaged their car. Unable to return home, they spent an anxious afternoon at her aunt's house, where her mother decided to take some candid photos of Elah to pass the time.


"My mum took some photos of me and sent them to a small modelling agency in my country. They responded very interestedly on the following day.” This spontaneous act turned into a pivotal moment for Elah. Inspired by the agency's interest, she and her mother embarked on a four-hour bus journey to Santo Domingo to meet with them.


“On the way there, I saw a sign that said: ‘Today is your big day.’ That gave me much hope. I believe in the signs of the universe,” Elah recalls, reflecting on the journey that would mark the beginning of her modelling career. The agency staff welcomed her warmly, and she quickly became "kind of like her family."


Their belief in her potential fueled her commitment, prompting Elah to make the long bus trips from her hometown to the capital for three years. During this period, she grew not only in popularity but also in professionalism, learning the finer points of modelling, such as walking in heels and striking the perfect pose. "I remember my aunt, and I went out to buy some heels for me in a flea, where you get used and cheaper things," she reminisces about the humble beginnings of her now-flourishing career.


Her perseverance led to a monumental opportunity when a globally recognised agency visited the Dominican Republic to scout for new talent. Among the 60 models considered, Elah stood out. “Thanks to God they chose me, and two weeks later, I was flying to London with a suitcase full of dreams and gratitude,” she shares, her voice brimming with emotion.


Today, Elah's career is managed by top agencies The Industry and Freedom Los Angeles, reflecting her rise from local sensation to international star. She lives between Los Angeles and New York, walking runways across the world, including an unforgettable moment beside the Eiffel Tower. "I would have never imagined that I would be next to the Eiffel Tower walking a fashion show or even having a Photoshoot near the sea that I also enjoy very much,” she says, still amazed by her own journey.


Elah's ambitions remain high as she aims for global campaigns with fashion giants like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs. Each job is a cherished milestone on her path. Yet, despite her global success, Elah remains deeply connected to her Dominican roots, which continue to shape her life and values.


When asked about what defines her most, Elah concludes with a single word that encapsulates her story and aspirations: “LOVE.” This word not only defines her approach to life and career but also serves as a reminder of the gratitude and passion that continue to drive her forward in the challenging world of fashion modelling.

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