Get to know me ♥

Hi there! 

My name is Julieta Miquelarena, I’m Argentinian. 

My career as a model started when I was very young. When I was 9 years old I sent photos and a recorded song to an open casting for one of the most populars teenagers tv shows of the time in Latin America, produced by Cris Morena Group.

I was lucky to be one of the 100 people selected to travel to Buenos Aires and cast. They featured me in their magazine and I have been immersed into the artistic world ever since.

Next year, I was called again to participate in a new casting for tv, but because I was living with my family (5 hours away from the big the city) and the whole acting process couldn't be done just yet. I was required to move which wasn't possible at the time. I was going to school and my family had our life sorted elsewhere.

At first, I started participating in photoshoots for magazines traveling to Buenos Aires for one or two days at a time (I was getting called by phone, after my appearance in the past castings/media).

At 14 years old, I remember being stopped at the beach by the owner of a modeling agency in Buenos Aires, she told me I should go and visit her agency to start my professional career. So, my mother and I travelled once again, going to different interviews, and officially signing my first contract with an agency.

Campaigns, tv shows, editorials, tv commercials, runways, videoclips, everything came at the right moment, I was often traveling and not attending school in pursuit of my dream. Fortunately, I enjoyed studying so my absence was not a problem!

My family never pushed me to go through this path, it was mostly me who pushed them, but they have always been very supportive.

My grandmother would travel with me when my mum was unable to attend. Especially once job opportunities became more consistent.

I remember crying when a magazine interviewed me for the first time. 

I just loved to be in set,

I always felt so good around cameras and creating. For me, it has always been about creating something, about a challenge, about asking and answering to myself: what else is there? What else can I do?

I felt bullied in school. I do accept I was always a little weird, my curiosity, and independence, I've never had the feeling that I had to do what everyone was doing, I always went for what I wanted. Perhaps that is one of the reason why I felt out of place most of the time. Sports practice has been a great help on the way.

I would say experiences we have as kids, things that happen naturally when we are young and innocent, are the experiences that leave the deepest marks.

In my case, I like that I went through that because that shaped me to be who I am today. It allowed me to start meeting more people and suddenly finding those places and groups where I felt I was completely myself, free, open minded and with no judgement.

Positivity and consistency in everything I do and in relationships is very important in my life.

My first trip abroad was when I was 14 years old, it was for a campaign, and I liked it so much. I immediately knew that I wanted to travel and to see the world.

When I was 17 years old I began studying in the University of Buenos Aires (Social Communication). Since then I have been lucky enough to call different parts of the world my home for short and long times, including Mexico, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and various cities in Europe. 
All of these experiences, made me want to try other types of artistic expressions forms; like acting, singing, dancing, now drawing, painting, designing.

My profession also gave me the opportunity to get immersed in the marketing/ publicity world, allowing me to learn diverse skills and multiple languages such as Portuguese, English, currently learning french (Spanish is my native language).
I came back to my studies, I'm currently studying journalism and writing.

I have always written but now I've decided to share it and I’m working on my first poetry book. 
On instagram, you can see me being myself:
I try to be as natural as possible showing my work, trips, sharing inspirational quotes, recommendations and just my daily life.

How awesome is it that we are able to connect this easily?
I also share charity causes that are close to my heart. I’m an advocate of creating a sustainable future for our planet, constantly learning and pursuing dreams.

Thank you for reading my bio and for all your support!♥